Our Values

We believe that the foundation stone of a good and prosperous society lies in a nations values. They are the values of honesty and kindness that we teach our children. They are the fidelity and decency that we as adults try to live by. They are the goodwill and tolerance that we share with friends and neighbours in our communities. And they are the trust and integrity that we expect of our leaders. They are the teachings described in the sacred texts and scriptures of our faith. They are the codes of conduct that we live by in a caring and responsible society.

A New Culture Of Politics

We believe that to change the culture of politics of our society, we have to first transform ourselves and our lives. We not only have to live by the values we cherish, but the principles that are enshrined in human rights, democracy, and a just society. To nurture a new political culture, democracy and tolerance must not only become of way of thinking and behaving, but our way of life. This inner self-transformation is the necessary first step to becoming the role models and leaders of the future: leaders of our families, of our communities, and of our nation.

Development As Freedom

We believe that the exercise of our rights and freedoms is the essence of development. By expanding people’s capabilities, rights, opportunities and choices, we enrich and dignify their lives. When people are at liberty to elect their leaders, make their own livelihood choices, and adopt the traditions they value, we give them a sense of purpose, well-being, and belonging. Literacy, through the right to education, liberates people’s capabilities and provides them with opportunities. All Zimbabweans are entitled to the protection of their property, the freedom to exercise their civil rights, as well as the right of freedom from hunger and extreme deprivation.

Devolution And Subsidiarity

We believe in maintaining the territorial integrity of Zimbabwe and nurturing a culture of democracy at the local level. We believe that the principle of ‘subsidiarity’ should be the organising principle for limited and decentralised government. Wherever possible, the smallest, lowest, or most decentralised authorities are best suited to address issues and handle matters of local concern at least cost.

A Servant Leadership

We believe that national salvation depends on leaders who draw their strength from their innermost values and convictions. It depends on righteous men and women imbued with an unshakeable resolve to uphold human values that are the foundation for a good and prosperous society. It depends on leaders who lead by example, who listen to those they serve, who inspire respect and admiration, and who are role models for aspiring new young leaders. But it also depends on a Constitution that imposes checks and balances that constrain the abuse of executive power; that ensures that power is exercised with transparency; and that leaders are held to account for their actions.