Building a new culture of politics in Zimbabwe will require a comprehensive and sustained effort by all stakeholders, including political leaders, civil society organizations, and ordinary citizens. Here are some steps that could be taken:

Strengthen Democratic Institutions: Zimbabwe needs to strengthen its democratic institutions, such as the judiciary, electoral commission, and parliament, to ensure that they are independent, transparent, and accountable.

Promote Civic Education: Civic education can help citizens understand their rights and responsibilities in a democratic society. This can include educating citizens on how to engage with their elected representatives, how to vote, and how to hold their leaders accountable.

Foster a Culture of Tolerance and Inclusion: Zimbabwe should promote a culture of tolerance and inclusivity, where people from different backgrounds and political persuasions can come together to discuss issues and find common ground.

Promote Youth Participation: Young people make up a significant portion of Zimbabwe’s population, and their participation in politics is essential to building a new culture of politics. Efforts should be made to engage young people in political processes and decision-making.

Combat Corruption: Corruption undermines democracy and erodes public trust in government. Zimbabwe should take steps to combat corruption, including strengthening anti-corruption laws, promoting transparency and accountability, and prosecuting corrupt officials.

Encourage Dialogue and Compromise: Zimbabwe should encourage dialogue and compromise among political leaders and stakeholders to foster a more collaborative and cooperative political culture.

Foster Economic Growth and Development: Zimbabwe needs to promote economic growth and development to reduce poverty and inequality, which are often drivers of political instability. A strong economy can also help build public trust in government and create opportunities for citizens to engage in political processes.

Building a new culture of politics in Zimbabwe will take time and sustained effort. It will require a commitment from all stakeholders to work together to create a more democratic, inclusive, and prosperous society.