Jacob 2023

A better Zimbabwe is possible, but it requires to be strong and of a good courage. It needs us to be determined, and start taking actions to create the Zimbabwe we deserve. A democratic Zimbabwe, free of corruption, with economic freedom for all. Let us join hands, and contribute in whatever way we can. Let us rise up & act, and create the Zimbabwe we deserve.

Key Pillars

New Culture of Politics

The transformation of a political system based on the abuse of power, corruption and violence to a new culture of politics founded on hope, integrity and goodwill.

Good Governance

The transformation of compromised party-controlled government institutions into well-governed independent institutions that serves everyone equally and fairly.

A Competitive Economy

The transformation of a state-controlled economy based on patronage to a market-based economy driven by the private sector, and inclusive of all Zimbabweans.

A Just Society

The transformation from impunity for crimes and corruption to a just society founded on an abiding respect for our constitutional rights and the rule of law.


The transformation from entitlements based on party patronage to empowerment based on expanding people’s opportunities to realise their full human potential.


  • Manicaland
  • Masvingo
  • Midlands