To build a competitive economy, Zimbabwe can take the following steps:

Improve the business environment: Zimbabwe can improve its business environment by reducing bureaucratic procedures, streamlining regulations, and implementing policies that encourage foreign investment. This will attract more investors and encourage local entrepreneurship.

Invest in infrastructure: Zimbabwe needs to invest in infrastructure such as roads, and airports. This will make it easier for businesses to transport goods and services, and it will also make the country more attractive to foreign investors.

Promote innovation and technology: Zimbabwe can encourage innovation and technology by investing in research and development, providing tax incentives for innovative companies, and creating a supportive environment for entrepreneurs.

Strengthen the education system: Zimbabwe can strengthen its education system by investing in primary and secondary education, vocational training, and higher education. This will provide a skilled workforce that can meet the needs of the economy.

Encourage export-oriented industries: Zimbabwe can promote export-oriented industries by providing incentives for businesses that export their goods and services, and by identifying and developing industries with the potential for export.

Address corruption: Corruption is a major barrier to economic growth and development. Zimbabwe can address corruption by strengthening institutions such as the judiciary, police, and anti-corruption agencies, and by creating a culture of accountability and transparency.

Engage in regional integration: Zimbabwe can benefit from regional integration by participating in regional trade agreements and creating stronger economic ties with neighboring countries. This will increase market access for Zimbabwean goods and services and create new opportunities for businesses.

Overall, building a competitive economy requires a concerted effort from the government, private sector, and civil society. By working together, Zimbabwe can create a vibrant and dynamic economy that benefits all its citizens.