Manicaland is a province located in eastern Zimbabwe, and it is known for its rich natural resources. Here are some of the resources found in Manicaland.

Minerals: Manicaland is rich in mineral resources such as gold, diamonds, platinum, and chrome. The province is home to several mines, including the famous Marange diamond fields.

Agricultural resources: Manicaland has fertile land suitable for agriculture, with crops such as tea, coffee, maize, and tobacco grown in the province. The province also has several cattle ranches and dairy farms.

Timber: Manicaland has large areas of natural forest, including teak, pine, and eucalyptus plantations. The province also has several sawmills and timber processing plants.

Water resources: Manicaland has several rivers and streams, including the Save River, which forms the province’s southern boundary. The province also has several dams, including the Mutare Dam, which is used for irrigation and hydroelectric power generation.

Tourism: Manicaland has several tourist attractions, including the Nyanga National Park, which is known for its scenic beauty and wildlife. The province also has several historic sites, including the ancient city of Great Zimbabwe.

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