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Author: Transform Zimbabwe


16 Jun Building a Competitive Economy

As we have shown, the Finance Minister’s anti-trade and protectionist policies will not work. They will only lay a heavy financial burden on the people and protect inefficient state-owned companies that have no competitive advantage on international markets. The Minister’s “ease of doing business reforms"...

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16 Jun The Budget: Trade and Competition

PART ONE: What the Finance Minister means by ‘competitiveness’ – and what it really means The Finance Minister’s ingratiating praise of his boss, His Excellency the President, Cde R.G. Mugabe, came with this quote. “We can swim with the current, but on matters of Principle, we should...

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Zimbabwe Money

16 Jun Down the slippery slope … again

The need to issue bond notes is ZANU(PF)’s latest desperate attempt to prop up an economy that it has systematically wrecked. In its dazed Zim-Asset-in-Wonderland world, the revolutionary party is incapable of thinking outside its patronage box. It perpetuates a vicious cycle of maintaining power...

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